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Regional cooperation in Hungary

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Datum projektu: posunuto na neurčito

Místo projektu: Budapešť, Maďarsko

Zajímá tě neformální vzdělávání, svět práce s mládeží a chceš si udělat kontakty z této oblasti po celé Evropě? Pak čti dále od samotných organizátorů:

The main aim of the contact making seminar “Regional Cooperation” is to develop national, international and regional cooperation among the youth workers in order to share experiences and knowledge on working with NEET youth and their engagement in a dialogue to foster the EU social cohesion

Participants’ profile:

• Youth workers and youth leaders who are involved into the daily activities of the youth organizations and who are interested to develop networking projects in this field.
• Already have experience in working with young people, especially NEET, organizing initiatives and projects
• Be motivated to contribute to the CMS with their experience and competences
• Be committed to attend for the full duration of the seminar
• Be aged 18 years old and above
• Competently able to work in English language as it will ensure effective communication between all participants and all relevant stakeholders.

Further information with useful details can be found in the info pack:

Pokud tě projekt zaujal, vyplň následující formulář a my se ti ozveme:

Deadline přihlášek: 5.3.2020

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