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“Youthquake 4 EU: Fighting Disinformation” – the journey begins

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Youth Activists Converge for a Transformative 7-Day Exchange Mobility Program

In an exhilarating kickoff to the Erasmus+ Youth Participation Activity “Youthquake 4 EU: Fighting Disinformation” project, 40 vibrant participants from eight European countries recently gathered for the first activity— the “Exchange Mobility for Youth Activists & Tomorrow’s Decision-Makers.” Representing nations including the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Latvia, Finland, Croatia, and Portugal, these young leaders immersed themselves in a seven-day offline event designed to equip them with essential skills to tackle the challenges of disinformation.

The activity took place in beautiful nature of Kaprálův mlýn, nearby Brno, Czech Republic, 24.-31.7.2023.

Immersive Learning in EU Policymaking:

This inaugural program aimed to foster leadership, research skills, and cross-cultural understanding. The participants engaged in five key blocks, including non-formal and intercultural learning, team-building, an introduction to the European Parliament, an exploration of disinformation concepts, and intensive training in both hard and soft skills.

The event was not just about individual growth; it was a testament to the power of transnational collaboration. Participants hailing from diverse backgrounds and cultures came together to share experiences, ideas, and solutions. The strengthened network among participating organizations lays the groundwork for future initiatives aimed at addressing shared challenges.

As these young leaders return to their respective communities, they bring with them not only enhanced skills and knowledge but also a shared commitment to fostering positive change. While the first activity lays a robust foundation, the “Youthquake 4 EU” project envisions more impactful initiatives in the pipeline, including 2 online seminars, another offline activity – this time aimed on simulation of European Parliament, online conferences featuring active involvement of Members of the European Parliament. Stay tuned for updates on our journey to empower the next generation of decision-makers in the fight against disinformation!

The project was co-funded by European Union.

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