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Catching up with digital space – the results of Erasmus+ KA2 project

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Introduction: In an era dominated by the digital landscape, where information flows rapidly, ensuring that all members of our community can navigate the online world safely is paramount. Our recent participation in the Erasmus+ project, “Catching up with digital space,” aimed to address the unique challenges faced by seniors in an increasingly interconnected world. We’re excited to share the outstanding results of our project and the transformative impact it has had on the lives of seniors.

Empowering Seniors Through Digital Literacy: A Project Overview: The project’s primary objective was clear: to enhance the digital literacy, critical thinking, and media literacy skills of seniors aged 50 and above. With partners from Poland and Slovenia, we embarked on a journey to develop innovative methodologies and tools tailored specifically for seniors, recognizing the increasing threat of disinformation in the digital space.

Creating a Methodology for Lifelong Learning: A highlight of our project is the creation of a comprehensive methodology booklet designed to empower seniors with the skills needed to navigate the digital landscape safely. This invaluable resource, which you can access below, serves as a practical guide for educators, organizations, and seniors themselves, offering a step-by-step approach to building digital resilience.

Innovative Approaches to Digital Literacy: The project adopted innovative approaches to address the unique needs of seniors. Through focus groups and needs analysis, we gained a deep understanding of the challenges faced by seniors regarding disinformation and digitalization. The project team then crafted methodologies and tools informed by these insights, ensuring a targeted and effective educational approach.

Learning from the Best: Transnational Collaboration: Collaborating with experienced organizations in Poland and Slovenia provided us with a unique opportunity to learn from the best. Through job shadowing experiences, we adapted successful strategies employed by our partners, enriching our methodologies and ensuring a culturally sensitive and effective approach to adult education.

Engaging the Community: Local Activities and Beyond: The heart of our project lies in the engagement of our local community. Over 300 seniors actively participated in our local activities, which were designed to implement and test the new methodologies. These hands-on experiences not only enriched the learning process for seniors but also allowed us to fine-tune our approach based on real-world feedback.

Celebrating Success and Looking Ahead: As we celebrate the success of the “Catching up with digital space” project, we recognize that this is just the beginning. The methodology booklet is now available for download, ensuring that its impact extends far beyond the project’s conclusion. Our commitment to lifelong learning, digital literacy, and the well-being of our seniors remains steadfast.

Join Us on the Journey: We invite you to explore the methodology booklet, share it with your networks, and join us on the journey towards a digitally empowered senior community. Together, we can create a future where seniors navigate the digital space with confidence, resilience, and a keen understanding of the world around them.

Thank you for being a part of this transformative initiative. Together, let’s catch up with the digital space and empower our seniors for a brighter, safer future.

The project has been funded by European Union.

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