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Supporting Critical thinking by Movie making – Visegrad fund

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We are pleased to announce that our partnership is going to organize project “Supporting Critical thinking by Movie making ” funded under Visegrad fund. The project will be implemented in winter 2020 / spring 2021 (specific dates cannot be given at this point due to coronavirus restrictions) in Ukraine.

The problem with fake news, disinformation or media manipulation has been growing up rapidly in recent years. In Ukraine it has started to gain a power since 2014 after maidan revolution, when nation started to seek for more information, to break the censorship. Especially young people are very sensitive on critical thinking and disinformation in media. This project aims to point on a problem of rising media power and need for critical thinking. Overload of information causes polarisation of the society, extremism, radicalisation and hatred pervasive through all communication channels – social media, news, articles, films… Young people tend to receive and process information very uncritically, especially the ones on pictures or videos. 

This project aims to bring expert knowledge and skills on problems of critical thinking, manipulation and digital media storytelling – video production. We want to provide the ones who work directly with young people (youth workers, educators) with tools for defense against manipulation, processes of retrieving information and movie direction in order to be able to take over the responsibility for creating and sharing the information.

Project partners:
Otvorená Hra – Slovakia
Foundation of Alternative Education “ALE” – Poland

Project phases:
21/09/202022/09/2020UkraineKharkivOnline Kick-off meeting
02/11/202006/11/2020UkraineKharkivTraining on Fighting the manipulation and Supporting critical thinking
07/12/202011/12/2020UkraineKharkivTraining on Movie direction and Digital storytelling
25/01/202128/01/2021UkraineKharkivOnline campaign
15/03/202116/03/2021Czech RepublicOtrokoviceOnline Evaluation Meeting

*Project dates can be adjusted to be in accordance with national and international restrictions regarding coronavirus pandemics.